Wieden+Kennedy’s Samsung spot performs on the doubts of iPhone loyalists

Apple’s iPhone is practically ubiquitous, yet many critics claim that the tech giant simply sells the same phone every year, with only minor improvements. In contrast, Samsung has at least attempted to break the mould with its novel foldable smartphones – which, after some initial teething problems, have made waves in the tech industry.

Samsung’s new campaign, titled Join the Flip Side and created by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, encourages iPhone obsessives to venture away from their usual choice and seek innovation elsewhere – ideally in the new Galaxy Z Flip 4. It features a dramatic short film emphasising the flippable phone as an irresistible, unforgettable piece of technology.


The ad follows Elena, an everyday smartphone user, as she becomes mesmerised by the movement of her friend’s new Z Flip 4. She tries to shake the feeling, asserting, “I would never switch to Samsung, I love my phone”, but as the film progresses she struggles to get the flip and fold motion out of her mind. Soon it’s appearing everywhere she looks – from yoga classes to waving children.

The story taps into trivial dilemmas many of us can relate to – the blind loyalty to a particular tech company; the subtle pressure to conform to the choices of our peers; and the apprehension of breaking away from the crowd.

Speaking on the campaign’s messaging, Ramona Todoca and Ed Olhagary, creative directors at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, explain: “Creatively, we’ve embraced the people who proudly say they’d ‘never switch to Samsung’, making them feel seen and understood on the emotional journey of switching. Instead of selling them on the latest innovation, we use something that happens in real life to plant the seed of doubt, then watch it grow … and multiply.”

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Creative directors: Ramona Todoca, Edouard Olhagaray
Art director: Cecilia Pignocchi
Copywriter: Andrew Duncan
Designers: Lewis Beedham, Olya Kuzovkina
Director: Matias & Mathias
DOP: Benjamin Loeb