The artwork of the fast ‘crapotype’

Creatives often pursue perfection in their ideas before they are willing to release them to others. In fact, says We Are Pi’s Rick Chant, we should be doing the opposite

Rick Rubin, uber producer extraordinaire to everyone from the Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash, encourages his collaborating musicians to “execute every idea, even the bad ones”. His justification being the nullius-filius of ‘better out than in’ and ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

In other words, it’s a theory based on rapid prototyping. The art of getting an idea out of your head and into someone else’s hands as quickly as possible. Making an idea tangible gives it life, transforming it from a chin stroking theory into something more practical. Something others can literally pick up and run with.

Rapid prototyping is a shortcut to success and, more importantly, a tool that reveals the duds, providing the catalyst to move on and try something else. The result of a rapid prototype will always lead to progress.

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