Super Drug

Super Drug Tea Tree Wash and Cleanser/ Toner.

Desperation clutched me, while frustration overpowered me. I seemed to be losing this war; therefore I had to change my battle tactics. I hunted Youtube and I came upon a precious oracle. There it was on the screen, in all its glorious “greenness”. I jumped to my feet, and made a trip to Superdrug, the new solution I just received was so crazy, it just might work. I hunted the shelves, while the security guard stalked me as though I was a thief. Then there it was… that which I sought after. I took it home (after paying).The battle lines were now drawn. Could this be the answer to my pimple woes? Could this mean the end of my boyfriend’s taunting and him looking at me like “What’s up with the bumps?” There was only one way to find out. I used it, and my face was not the same again.

Okay, enough with the drama. It’s time to get down to business. The lovely products to be reviewed are Superdrug’s Tea Tree facial wash, in addition to their cleanser and toner. The facial wash comes in gel form, and is green in colour. It smells minty, as both products contain peppermint oil in them. According to directions, one should work the product into a lather with warm water, and massage unto wet face, then it should be thoroughly rinsed off, and skin patted dry with a towel. Superdrug claims that it can be used day and night. Each tube comes with 150ml of product. I got both products when Superdrug was having a deal. I got them both for only £4.

What can I say about this product? Hhhhmmmm? I like it. I really like it. I like the tingly feeling that I get from the tea tree and peppermint oil in the face wash, and the fact that it keeps my skin ‘break out’ free. A little product goes a long way. The only issue is, my skin is left a little dry (not too bad) after use, as I have dry to normal skin. I would advise that you follow up with a good moisturiser.

Now on to the cleanser and toner. This product comes in a bottle with 200ml of product. It is directed that this product be put on cotton wool, then applied to face and neck. After this a fresh dry piece of wool should be used, to remove all traces of makeup etc. I use this product as a toner, right after using the tea tree wash. It too has the minty, tea tree like smell. I like this one too. It works well as a toner, as it really does pick up what the Facial wash missed. I tend to use this product more on my nose for those pesky little white heads.

Ok time for me to grade these. I would give these products 8.5 out of 10. They keep break outs at bay, and are not very expensive, but they are a bit too drying for me. 🙁 I will keep using them at night though, and switch back to my Olay on mornings. 🙂 I really hope that this review helped. If anyone has any further questions to ask about these products, please let me know. Thanks for stopping by, and God Bless :-).