Stream when you stream with Channel four’s transportable pee machine

4creative designed and prototyped the Stream Free 4000 mobile urinal – which is the star of a QVC-style ad promoting the broadcaster’s comedy box sets

Comedy fans won’t even have to worry about getting up for a pee while watching, according to the film, which advertises a fictional portable urinal (as well as the broadcaster’s many streamable box sets). There’s scrolling type and swishy video transitions aplenty in the ad, created to send-up shopping channels and the kinds of low-budget adverts that litter daytime TV shows.

According to a press release, 4creative did actually produce (but presumably not use) a ‘select run’ of Stream Free 4000s for the ad, which shows people enjoying them at home, in the office and even at grandma’s house. It’s interspersed with clips from C4 shows, including Peep Show and Derry Girls, to promote the channel’s free streaming service, All 4.

4creative has doubled down on that point, and the cringe factor, with the ‘stream freely’ tagline. “Paying homage to bad graphics and shopping channels, we’ve had a lot of fun,” says Lynsey Atkin, who’s ECD at the in-house creative agency. “Which is, after all, what comedy is all about.”

The agency also had some fun – albeit themed around an entirely different topic – for a recent Derry Girls campaign, which saw 4creative release a special one-off edition of cult magazine Smash Hits.

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