New branding for Gyroscope hopes to make crypto much less daunting

Stability is in the name for Gyroscope, a new cryptocurrency developed by FTL Labs. Much like the device that serves as its namesake, this new ‘stablecoin’ promises to be less susceptible to environmental changes than its predecessors. Gyroscope is being marketed as the answer to the convoluted and confusing world of decentralised finance (DeFi).

But with many of us already sceptical of the boom and bust cycles of cryptocurrency, FTL Labs needed to build a brand that emphasised its low-risk offering. As such, it turned to London-based design agency Human After All, who created an identity that aims to communicate its ethos of transparency and stability.

“Having a strong, concise logo is essential for any brand working in DeFi – so that’s where we started,” explains James Woods, senior designer at Human After All. “A fusion of a gyroscope and the letter ‘G’, the mark is the centre of the identity.”

The team took this idea one step further by creating an animated version of the logo in which a silhouette of a Gyroscope spins playfully before becoming the ‘G’ in the wordmark. This subtle movement intends to emphasise the light-hearted side of the brand without detracting from the idea that it takes its product seriously.

This feeling is built upon with some simple illustrations and a “cosmic colour palette” that draws inspiration from “the illumination of dark spaces and an upbeat tone of voice”. It also creates space for humorous moments within an otherwise academic context.

These various aspects of the branding come together to strike a balance between being friendly and accessible, and rigorous and dependable. As a result, it targets the widest possible audience – from those interested in DeFi, but not quite ready to take the plunge, to those already well-versed in it and looking for safer currencies.

Reflecting on the collaboration with FTL Labs, Woods says, “We love working with partners who – like ourselves – develop their work with reason and empathy. As blockchain begins to find its feet as an innovation ready for mass adoption, it’s been a privilege to work with a team who are intent on designing the technology in a way that is progressive and useful.”