ManyPets launches cute marketing campaign that emphasises the well being advantages of pets

Created by Uncommon, the campaign uses strong photography and simple copy to highlight how pets help us both physically and mentally

As the cliché goes, Britain is a nation of dog lovers. And we’re not shy of cats either – in fact, pet ownership grew dramatically during the pandemic with 27% of UK adults now owning a dog while 24% live in a household ruled by a cat.

The boom in pet ownership can only be a good thing for pet insurers, so it’s a good moment for ManyPets – which offers insurance for dogs and cats – to release this striking campaign for its wares.

The campaign is stylistically a little similar to this work for Itch, though ManyPets’ ads have a wider message at their core, about the benefits that come through pet ownership. This message is underpinned by data that highlights how pets help people deal with anxiety and stress and also make them more active.

To highlight this, the ads feature stats from a survey completed by the brand, which found that 89% of people say their pet helps them deal with anxiety and stress, and 90% of people say their pets help them feel calm.

“Pets make everything better,” says Uncommon co-founder Lucy Jameson. “They don’t only bring us joy, they also have a proven positive impact on both our mental and physical wellbeing. In a world of stress and chaos, pets are more important than ever. We spotted there was a huge role and tension for ManyPets to play into here. We wanted to remind people that they have to insure their pets to ensure their happiness. Plus, this was one more weapon in my war of attrition trying to persuade my husband to let us have a dog….”

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