Magic saves the day in NRMA Insurance coverage’s new adverts

A runaway tyre and a field of fire-fighting water jets come to the rescue in a pair of beautiful new spots by ad agency Bear Meets Eagle On Fire

Australian company NRMA Insurance has joined forces with Sydney-based creative studio Bear Meets Eagle On Fire for a new national campaign. Going out across cinema and television, and alongside large-format OOH and press, the core of the campaign comprises two 60-second short films that open up a new world of storytelling for the brand.

Titled Runaway and Duel, the films revolve around two potentially disastrous scenarios – a burst tyre and a bushfire – to emphasise why customers need NRMA Insurance.

The films take an unpredictable approach to the topic. Instead of going on about why insurance is necessary, they show how miracles might save the day (before pointing out that until these divine interventions arrive, there’s always NRMA).

Both films were directed by Steve Rogers, and boast a cinematic style that merges clever use of CGI and impressive practical effects, set to a rather catchy backing track. In keeping with the OOH messaging, each film displays the tagline ‘Until then we’ll be here’, speaking to the many disaster scenarios that NRMA Insurance can deal with.

It’s an unconventional approach for an insurance company, but not the first time Bear Meets Eagle On Fire has created category-defying work for the sector, having released a film at the end of 2021 that cast a giant yellow furball as the star of a new car insurance ad.

Creative Studio: Bear Meets Eagle on Fire
Production Company: Revolver
Director: Steve Rogers
DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Production Designer: Steven Jones-Evans
Edit: Arc Edit
Post Production: Time Based Arts
Sound and music: Rumble Studios

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