Leibniz unveils a tasty new look

Founded in 1889 by Hermann Bahlsen, German family enterprise Bahlsen is one of Europe’s most successful confectionary companies.

Arguably its most famous brand is Leibniz, which is instantly recognisable thanks to its teeth-shaped design and the ‘Leibniz Butterkeks’ typeface imprinted on the biscuit.

While perceptions of Leibniz today are steeped in history, brand agency Auge Design was tasked with bringing the biscuit to a new generation when it came to reimagining its branding and packaging design.

The original Leibniz biscuit was the main source of inspiration for the new branding, and in particular the rounded style of the logo.

“We started by working deeply on the logo, cleaning it from useless and superfluous elements, adding a baked effect to each letter, through ink-traps inspired by the shapes of Leibniz biscuits,” says Auge Design creative partner, Davide Mosconi.

A new custom typeface, Butter Keks Display, was developed from the logo design in order to be able to maintain typographic consistency across the various Leibniz ranges.

The company’s distinctive yellow brand colour has been retained but in a warmer and more natural shade, and combined with a large palette of vibrant secondary colours.

Finally, the biscuit become the hero of the new packaging design for Leibniz’ six core ranges. A close-up photography style looks to enhance the biscuit’s texture and makes the individual flavours recognisable at first glance.