How Chilly’s is evolving into a life-style model

Ten years ago, it wasn’t the norm for people to carry around reusable bottles: sniffing at disposable coffee cups was more the preserve of eccentric eco-warriors than hip young things doing their bit. Now, thankfully, greater awareness of the damage to the planet from single-use plastics is ­ushering in the everyday use of bottles that can be refilled again and again, and which carry none of the hippie-leaning fustiness of old-school flasks or beakers.

Sitting at the forefront of this refill ­revolution is Chilly’s, a brand that started as a simple bottle company and which has since led the way in making eco-­friendly (and wallet-friendly) reusables stylish and de rigueur for everyone from packed-lunch-munching pensioners to fashionably climate-conscious Gen Zers.

Since launching in 2010, Chilly’s has undergone some drastic changes in strategy and visual identity. Back then, the brand had to battle not only launching a product but carving out a category that was, for the most part, yet to exist. With that category now firmly established, it’s only set to expand in light of both increasing awareness of the climate crisis and initiatives like the government legislation proposed last year around phasing out single-use plastics.

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