Director Daniel Kwan releases two children’ books with A24

After breaking into the world of book publishing several years ago, film production company A24 is expanding its focus to younger audiences. Earlier this year, it released its first children’s book project – a reprint of Star Child by Claire A Nivola, which, in a clever ploy, was quoted in another A24 enterprise, Mike Mills’ 2021 film, C’mon C’mon.

A24 is now releasing its first original children’s titles, which come courtesy of Daniel Kwan, who is part of the directing duo nicknamed Daniels, with Daniel Scheinert. The studio has worked with Kwan before, having been involved in the Daniels’ hit film Everything Everywhere All At Once, which became its highest grossing movie to date.

One of Kwan’s new books is called I’ll Get to the Bottom of This, beautifully illustrated by Sean Lewis. The story follows a dog detective investigating a car pile-up that leaves all of the characters (also dogs, which may explain the traffic accident) trapped in a tunnel. While everyone tries to work together to find a way out, the detective is more preoccupied with finding someone to blame.

The investigations take an even more obscure turn as his line of questioning extends to the main suspect’s organs, before he’s challenged to think beyond himself by a higher cosmic power.

Top and above: I’ll Get to the Bottom of This by Daniel Kwan, illustrated by Sean Lewis
I’ll Get to the Bottom of This
I’ll Get to the Bottom of This

Kwan’s other book is called 24 Minutes to Bedtime, in which the young protagonist, Winston, invents a time machine that allows him to evade his dreaded bedtime for as long as possible.

Everything becomes a little more complicated when alternate versions of Winston enter the picture (so much so there’s a guide on how to navigate the storylines at the back of the book). Illustrated by Felicia Chiao, the story plays out around Winston’s home, with a doll’s house view neatly serving as a comic strip.

The books might catch the attention of the film buff parents out there, but it’s nice to see that the aura of cool that surrounds the studio is left at the door in favour of simply entertaining children.

24 Minutes to Bedtime by Daniel Kwan, illustrated by Felicia Chiao
24 Minutes to Bedtime