Dancing plague afflicts the general public in music video for La Jungle

Directed by Alex Orma, the video for the Belgian band’s track Du Sang Du Singe sees zombified dancers take to the streets

Over two years into a global pandemic, you might think we were fed up of viruses by this point, but the latest video for La Jungle sees a new plague inflicted upon us, which takes the form of an insatiable need to dance.

The video contains shades of the Daniels’ seminal promo for Turn Down For What by DJ Snake and Lil Jon, but with added lo-fi gore as the dancing virus victims are shown throwing themselves down stairwells and crashing cars in their desire to groove.

The promo was shot in Brussels and is apparently inspired by the Black Death of the 16th century rather than today’s pandemic. It is shot in a raw, hand-held style to add realism to the otherwise fantastical scenes.

Orma worked with choreographer Brandon Lagaert to create the frantic dance moves, as well as what he describes as “some of the most talented young dancers of the current Belgian scene”.

Director: Alex Orma
Production Company: Czar
Choreographer: Brandon Lagaert