Collida Strada: Reimagining trend

Hillary Taymour has always seen herself as a troublemaker. “Now I feel like I’m using that trouble for good,” she says. Her brand, the small but mighty Collina Strada, is upending power hierarchies and modes of making in fashion to imagine it anew, by focusing on people and the planet. For Taymour, sustainability is a journey – one that is free from the tired tropes of greenwashing and pseudo-ethical branding and instead does the tough work of interrogating the creative process at every stage.

Produced in small batches in New York, Collina Strada is renowned for innovative upcycling methods, using deadstock fabrics and harnessing new low-impact materials. The brand also has a partnership with the Or Foundation, a Ghana-based second-hand textile market that sees more than 25 million items of clothing pass through it each month, with 40% bound for dump sites or the ocean. Together, the team combines these fabrics to create ­highly convertible luxury clothing that exudes a “fearlessly fluid attitude”.

From Collina Strada Lookbook SS21

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