Apple doubles down on its knowledge privateness providing in new advert

The spot is the latest from the tech brand which highlights how users of its iPhones can easily avoid their data being shared

Apple is continuing to push its ‘tracking transparency tool’, which allows users to easily opt out of their data being shared on apps (or in, if they so choose).

Previous ads in the series have seen Apple highlight the ‘invisible’ issue of data tracking by showing how it would feel if it was taking place in real life, rather than more illicitly in digital environments. Naturally, as soon as the idea of others reading our private messages and tracking our data is shown in everyday settings, it appears both ludicrous and appalling.

The brand continues its approach in this beautifully shot new ad, which takes the message into more fantastical realms.

The ad shows a young woman named Ellie browsing in a record store before she notices a door that is labelled ‘Ellie’s Data Auction’. Upon entering the room she finds an auctioneer selling off a “digital treasure trove” of her data.

The scenes shown here are of course heightened, though the message is clear: we should all easily be allowed to control how and where our data is shared.

Director: Ivan Zachariáš
Production Company: Smuggler

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