An eye catching new search for Hong Kong meals vacation spot Basehall

Since opening in 2020, Basehall has become a hotspot for hungry Hong Kong residents and visitors. So much so that parent company, HongKongLand Properties, recently unveiled a second, larger site in the same building which brings together 13 independent food and drink concepts.

To coincide with its opening, London-based studio Otherway was tasked with rethinking what an East Asian food hall could look like and positioning Basehall as a cultural destination.

The new branding is inspired by Hong Kong’s visual history, featuring a dynamic logo that nods to the city’s ubiquitous street signs and is described by Otherway’s founder, Jono Holt, as “a magic cube of discovery”.

“[It] felt like the most authentic way to link back to the rich foodie roots of the Soho district. We wanted something that would stand out and be bold both digitally and physically, and act as a curator,” he adds.

The design language is built on a grid system which visualises the various layers coming together to create a tapestry, with each restaurant given a unique identity that pays homage to a signature dish or the owners themselves.

Otherway commissioned five illustrators to bring all the individual identities to life. “We wanted to create an area where every vendor had an equal chance of standing out compared to more established food brands. From 60-year-old roast goose shops, to brand new Michelin starred experiences,” says the studio.

A new, bespoke typeface hints at the food hall’s location in Jardine House, and the unique porthole style windows that mark it out from the sea of surrounding, square-windowed skyscrapers.

The studio also brought the branding to life through a range of other applications, including playful copywriting, colourful signage and a particularly tactile style of photography.