Would you want to provide your Insta typographic aptitude?

With the new Wordilly iOS app, users can instantly create typographic images for social media and choose lettering from Fontsmith's font library

The app, which can be downloaded for free, is the latest project from former Fontsmith founder Jason Smith, who sold his foundry to Monotype earlier this year. He worked with designer James Henderson and programmer Steve Jones to create Wordilly that allows users to type messages and then experiment with how they look in different fonts and colors. 20 different typefaces are offered, ranging from stencil and inline styles to classic serifs and San serifs.

According to Smith, after years of writing “mood messages” and then screenshoting, cropping, and sending them to Instagram, he and Henderson came up with the idea of ​​developing something that would rationalize the process. Obviously, it also relies on Smith's experience with the guy and his ability to instantly change the tone of a message.

Wordilly is easy to use, so you can easily try out different fonts and edit the layout of a message. It clearly has the potential to become a hot favorite with productive social media users, or indeed anyone with a motivational quote or message that they want to make a difference with.

It also opens up the world of typefaces to non-designers, which is at best inaccessible, and gives them the ability to make decisions about what looks good and then create them themselves.