Wolff Olins reveals identification for payroll service DailyPay

Wolff Olins is behind the updated visual identity for DailyPay, a financial services company available in the US. Its main product can be integrated into payroll systems to give employees access to their as-yet unpaid wages as they earn them, rather than waiting for a more traditional bi-weekly or monthly payment.

The aim of the branding is to reposition DailyPay as a source of “trust and transparency in the world of money movement”, according to the agency.

First revealed last May, the updated identity revolves around the idea that DailyPay is “flipping the system” with regards to acccessing earnings. It’s reflected in a symbol that doubles as a sun peeking behind the horizon and a coin dropping into a slot. The two interpretations are joined together in an animated execution, in which the sun motif flips over to reveal the coin.

The colour palette has been updated from light blue to a sunny orange, and a new custom typeface has also been introduced. The type design, called Horizon, evokes the main symbol through the elongated serifs, exaggerated hooks and the full stop.

The service charges people a fee to access their salaries, and DailyPay, like other pay advance companies, has drawn some criticism for that reason. DailyPay positions its services as a more suitable cost-saving alternative to payday loans.

Wolff Olins also worked on a supporting campaign, with DailyPay recording an 89% uptick in traffic from new users shortly after its launch. Altogether it’s a marked transformation from the previous branding, which sat on the more corporate end of the spectrum.