With the brand new app from Olafur Eliasson, kids can remodel into the setting

In the artist's new AR project Earth Speakr, children around the world are turning into plants, plastic bags, and other lifeless objects while sharing their thoughts about the environment

The Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is known for his interactive work on climate change and has launched a new AR project called Earth Speakr, which focuses on the next generation in the conversation about climate change.

Earth Speakr was developed with the help of AKQA and uses augmented reality to blend children's faces with objects or materials around them, while literally speaking for the environment.

The videos can be created using the Earth Speakr app and then uploaded to the website, where they are part of a virtual map with answers.

The result is charming and often amusing at first glance. As Darcy Prendergast's animation showed during the Australian bush fire crisis, a child drives home over the climate emergencies, how desperate the situation is.

"Earth Speakr is a collective work of art that invites children to be artists," said Eliasson in a statement. “The artwork consists of their thoughts and visions, concerns and hopes. What they create can be playful and bizarre, serious or poetic. There is no right or wrong and it is easy for everyone to participate. Earth Speakr invites children to speak their hearts and thoughts and to help shape our world and the planet today and in the future. "