Will Baby reimagines Kurupt FM in plasticine

Brentford’s finest garage MCs are back with a new track, Dreaming, along with an animated music video that sees their deepest desires become a reality

Kurupt FM, stars of the mockumentary People Just Do Nothing and self-appointed bastions of UK garage, have released a new track with Jaykae and Mist that puts a spin on Gabrielle’s 90s classic Dreams.

The pirate radio hosts enlisted animator Will Child to put his trademark light-hearted spin on the video, marking a coming together of two patrons of parody.

Befitting of the song title, Kurupt’s dreams are right in front of their eyes as they ride through the clouds in a limo, chauffeured as always by Decoy. Steves has come into possession of a weed farm; Chabuddy G’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to businesses worthy of their own skyscrapers; MC Grindah is finally the object of worship; and Beats has achieved a meaningful connection with his stepson Craig.

“I’m nowhere near the best animator in the world compared to a lot of stop motion animators who [create] really beautiful, fluid movements, and they can replicate human movement perfectly,” the animator told us last year. “I love all that stuff and it’s amazing, but I feel like my style is a bit more lo-fi and clunky. I don’t mind the animation being a bit janky! I think it just adds a bit of charm.”

Child’s “janky” touch is a great fit for the MCs who can’t help but always get things a little bit wrong. Who knew they were such astute commissioners?