Why promoting should proceed to promote but in addition have to avoid wasting the world

Being a brand with a purpose doesn't mean you aren't interested in selling. Indeed, having a progressive message is critical to future success, say Nick Steel and Penny Lodge of the HarrimanSteel creative agency

People are angry right now. Frustrated by a global health crisis that is largely beyond their control, they turn their collective anger on issues that may affect them: political, social and environmental injustices that are long overdue for public accounting. The pandemic highlights the cracks in capitalism. Not only the government's ineptitude, cronyism and the desire to silence society (as suggested by the recent bill to stop peaceful protest) but also media prejudice, inequality and the fact that the 1st % Get richer and hell with everyone else. At a time when people's need for reliable information and guidance has never been so great, UK and US confidence in politicians and the press has never been lower. So who (or what) steps in? Brands.

Consumers need their favorite brands to speak for them, to inform and represent their values ​​where governments and the media cannot or do not want to. Rejecting that need, underestimating it, or believing we can work around it, advertising will kill faster than any pandemic. Sitting on the fence is no longer an option. We have to use our platforms and privileges to create added value for society – or risk becoming obsolete. Governments are self-interest driven and need only focus on surviving a four or five year term. Brands and advertisers who share the same short-term survival mentality are misguided both ethically and professionally.

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