Why ladies's soccer wants a brand new method

Women's soccer offers brands a wealth of opportunities, say Matthew Bennett and Julia Denby-Jones from Zak creative agency. Just don't go about it like men's game

Women's football has nothing to prove. A billion spectators have registered for the 2019 World Cup worldwide. That's 2.5 times more people than at the Rugby World Cup a few months later. It was not just a symbolic victory. The sport is ready to start.

The pandemic undisputedly hit a critical point. However, the rise of women's football has not stopped. The news of renewed contracts and investments amid the crisis is a sign that the world need not be reminded of the game's business potential.

Despite the size and purchasing power, brands are still only provisionally. In fact, 86% of the under-30s we interviewed for our latest report on women in football couldn't name a single brand that works in women's football. Not one. One in five adults in the UK consider themselves a fan. Brands have to stand up and be careful.

The audience is different. Your motivations are different. That means your marketing has to be different.