Why Creativity Issues: The best way to construct a long-term legacy for manufacturers

For the fourth talk in CR’s virtual series on the role of creativity and design in building brands, we look at the importance of legacy and long-term thinking for brands, especially in troubled times.

In a fast-changing world, brands need to be responsive and flexible, and be able to think on their feet. Yet to build loyalty with audiences over time, they also need to try and predict future desires and needs, and create products and marketing with this in mind.

L-R: Martin Beverley, adam&eveDDB; Stephen Hancock, TBWAMedia Arts Lab; Ryan Sherman, Space10

As consumers demand ever more from brands in everything from purpose to product design to customer service, we talk to three experts from the worlds of advertising and design about how creative thinking can help prepare brands for the future.

This talk will be hosted by Creative Review’s editor, Eliza Williams, who will be joined by Martin Beverley, chief strategy officer at adam&eveDDB, who works with brands including John Lewis and FIFA; Stephen Hancock, executive creative director at TBWAMedia Arts Lab, which works with Apple; and Ryan Sherman, who works in creative and strategy at Space10, Ikea’s global research and design lab.

It will take place live on December 7 at 4pm GMT and is free to attend. We’d love for you to join us: please register here to take part.