What’s studio tradition now?

The eagerly awaited continuation of the 2009 book Studio Culture by Unit Editions offers insights from OK-RM and Peepshow on how to start, operate and develop a design studio today

It's been a little over ten years since Unit Editions published its first book, Studio Culture: The Secret Life of the Graphic Design Studio. Adrian Shaughnessy, co-founder of the publisher, spoke to CR about the making of the book at the time: “Designers will talk about everything under the sun, except how they run their studios. I think that's partly because most people have to catch up when they go along. "

Studio Culture's attempt to uncover the hidden side of the design world through interviews with a number of successful independent studios, including Universal Everything and A Practice for Everyday Life, also addressed a particularly timely problem. After the financial crash that saw so many college design students graduate and a clear lack of job opportunities, large numbers of graduates found themselves able to start their own creative businesses instead.

A decade later, and amid a pandemic, many new faces in the industry will find themselves in an eerily similar situation. But the design has also changed significantly in recent years, with the emergence of remote working and social media platforms as a tool for communication and self-promotion. In this context, Unit Editions is releasing the sequel to the hugely popular original Studio Culture Now: Advice and Guides for Designers in a Changing World.

Studio Culture Now has in-depth Q&A with some of the biggest names in design today, including OK-RM, Studio Rejane Dal Bello, and even the in-house team at Google Design. It offers a glimpse into all the ups and downs of studio life. Topics covered include getting started and the all-important step of choosing the name of your studio, balancing creativity with profitability, and the less sexy but essential administrative side of running it of a creative company.