What type of Shopper are you?

Most of us shop everyday in one form or another. For many this action goes unnoticed because it’s part of our routine. We should learn to understand what motivates us to shop so that we get the most out of the experience and also prevent ourselves from being tempted. These are a few shoppers you may identify with.


The Convenience Shopper

You select stores based on the time and effort saved to acquire a product or service. Convenience is important to you especially with online shopping because location becomes irrelevant. Therefore, the ability to shop at home or anywhere with an internet connection can be very appealing to you.


The Information Seeking Shopper

You aim to gather information in a retail setting. You search and compare data over a period of time without quite ever coming to a buying decision. This is more easily done with online shopping as information is much more readily available and many sites offer product comparisons. You enjoy the concept of being knowledgeable about products without the experience of ownership.


The Immediate Shopper

You demand instantaneous delivery of a product or service and will do business with retailers who provide products quickly. For this reason you may prefer retail stores rather than online shopping because the local retailers would more readily satisfy your needs.


The Social Shopper

You are motivated by social interaction in a retail setting. Therefore, your purchasing decision is based on the quality of service and communication you encounter. This need also means that you prefer conventional retail stores more than online shopping.


The Recreational Shopper

You enjoy shopping as a leisure based activity and spend more time shopping than an average person. Some of you experience sensory stimulation from just being in a retail environment. You are very observant of such things as store decor and tend to make more unplanned purchases than an average shopper.


You may be more than one type of shopper and these are just a few of many. It’s important to know the type of shopper you are so you can focus on what makes you feel comfortable. After all shopping is a lifestyle.