We’re celebrating 70 years of the Ikea catalog

The latest news of the decline of the legendary Argos catalog – also known as the “Book of Dreams” – brought with it a whole host of reflections on the tragic death of the print catalog.

Die-hard print fans, however, can look forward to the Ikea Museum's announcement that its new exhibition is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Swedish retailer's own catalog – and that it won't be disappearing anytime soon.

“The story of the catalog is also a story about IKEA and democratic design, but perhaps most interesting: a story about how our life at home has developed over the past 70 years,” says Anna Sandberg Falk, curator of the exhibition.

Using archival materials, letters, photos, facts and figures, Ikea Catalog Through the Ages offers a glimpse into the seven decades of retail catalog history, as well as a glimpse into vintage Ikea furniture in general.

Visitors can also recreate their own version of the title of the 1973 catalog, the best attempt being to appear on the cover of this year's edition.

For Ikea fans who cannot visit the Älmhult Museum in person, the retailer announced that it is digitizing all Swedish catalogs from the past 70 years so that people can surf online.

“Older generations will be able to step back in time and blend in with interiors that they probably haven't seen in ages, while the younger generations can look at iconic Ikea products in their natural surroundings and hopefully find inspiration to find some new objects from the past is still waiting to be rediscovered, ”says Per-Olof Svensson, archive and collection manager of the museum.

Learn more about the exhibition and view the full collection of Ikea Sweden catalogs on ikeamuseum.com