Weekly abstract: dangers at work at home, communication when returning to the workplace, management suggestions for resilience and alter, sustaining confidence in a disaster, 7 errors in managing distant groups

Welcome to my weekly summary of the best of the latest leadership and communication blog posts I've seen in the past week. As you may have noticed, I usually tend to cover broad topics. Given the current business situation and the fact that COVID-19 has changed a lot, I will use the weekly summary as a place to share some of the best resources I see to help managers and communicators find their way around new normalcy with their teams.

This week's blog and blog post on leadership and communication:

  • How to communicate when your employees return to the office
    By Michael DesRochers via Ragan Communications (@RaganComms)

    Be ready to develop your culture, to collect feedback consistently and to remember that your current approach significantly influences the perception of your company by the employees.

    "However, this is not a "welcome back, get back to work" situation, and communication must be more than just sending an email with instructions on how to properly return it. It is more nuanced and requires more empathy than a series of instructions. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to get the team back to the office… "

  • Executives report on resilience and change: a festival on the front line
    By Karin Hurt and David Dye (@LetsGrowLeaders and @davidmdye), Let & # 39; s Grow Leaders

    Over a dozen leadership experts offer their best insights, tips and resources for executives in terms of resilience and change.

    "At this moment of unprecedented changes and pressures with double-digit unemployment and anyone who can quickly do the best they can with what they have, where they are from, resilience has become a vital, universal conversation … "

  • Twitter, Square Announce Work From Home Forever Option: What Are The Risks?
    From Dana Brownlee to Forbes (@Forbes), Forbes

    Together with Twitter, Square offers its employees the opportunity to work from home forever. This intelligent piece weighs the risks.

    "While remote work can be part of an effective, contemporary organizational design, switching to widespread, long-term remote work could actually be a serious mistake for many. The benefits of virtual work have been celebrated so much that we may have failed to take the risks soberly into account. Let's just examine some of the very real risks… "

  • The trust factor
    By Willie Pietersen about Columbia Business School (@Columbia_Biz)

    Five ways that leaders can maintain a high level of trust during a crisis.

    " Trust is an important requirement for every management company. But the coronavirus pandemic has taken the operation to a historic level. We are faced with conditions that are fatal, uncertain, and rapidly changing. In these terrifying circumstances, trust in our leaders has become an indispensable factor… ”


  • 7 mistakes managers make when managing a remote team
    By John Rampton (@johnrampton via @Entrepreneur), Entrepreneur

    Improve the productivity of your remote team by avoiding these common mistakes.

    “There is no doubt that remote working has its moment. And while some may adapt to their new routine, there is a silver lining. Remote working is effective. It keeps employees committed and productive. For you, this means better performance, lower sales and the ability to attract top talent. You also don't have to worry about rent or utilities, and this is good for the environment. Of course, these advantages are only possible if you can effectively manage your team from a distance. To achieve this goal, you must first avoid the following eight mistakes … "

What were some of the key leadership and communication articles you read this week?

– –David Grossman

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