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Welcome to my weekly summary of the best of the latest leadership and communication blog posts I've seen in the past week. As you may have noticed, I usually tend to cover broad topics. Given the current business situation and the fact that COVID-19 has changed a lot, I will use the weekly summary as a place to share some of the best resources I see to help managers and communicators find their way around new normalcy with their teams.

This week's blog and blog post on leadership and communication:

  • 7 management features for the Post-COVID-19 workplace
    By Dana Brownlee via Forbes (@Forbes)

    These are not the only features that are important to managers during this pandemic, but seven critical ones.

    "If this pandemic experience has taught us anything, it is important that leadership, and for many organizations facing a particularly fragile future, is more important than ever when the country tries to get out of the forced hibernation and one rebuild broken economy. During this tragedy, we saw certain leadership traits and approaches that may have made the difference between life and death. Similarly, our organizations need different leadership characteristics to restore and revive stressed and troubled supply chains, product lines, and even entire industries… "

  • Bringing Them Back: Questions for the HR department of returning workers
    By Nancy Cleeland (@ncleeland via @SHRM), SHRM

    Prepare for questions employees have when they return to work by considering these six questions. Lawyers and human resources professionals say that employees want to know this from the start.

    “When employees return home after weeks of ordering COVID 19 orders, they will have questions. After all, the world has suddenly changed due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, as have the expectations and fears of employees … "


  • When a crisis occurs, a leader emerges with a positive impact on the transformation
    By Glenn Parker via SmartBrief (@SmartBrief and @SBLeaders)

    When a crisis occurs, we need managers with different talents and styles to positively influence the organization. Research has shown 4 leadership styles with a positive influence.

    "In our investigation of "Positive Influence: The Leader That Helps People Become Their Best Self," we found that there are four types of positive influence leaders who can all contribute to an organization's success in different ways. A leader with a positive influence is supportive, an exceptional teacher, motivating and a confident role model. A transformation leader effortlessly changes his approach to deliver exactly what the company needs at the right time. You are situational … "

  • May 2020 Carnival for leadership development
    About Lead Change Group (@leadchangegroup)

    Get insights and tips from over 30 global leadership experts in one place.

    "Welcome to the Carnival for Leadership Development in May 2020! We look forward to sharing contributions from leadership experts around the world on communication, development, engagement, motivation, productivity, team building and more… ”

  • How the best managers plan after the crisis
    By Lolly Daskal (@LollyDaskal)

    Emulate the best leaders in crisis planning with these 7 strategies.

    "If a crisis disrupts the normal order of things, managers cannot be satisfied with dealing only with what lies ahead. They have to look straight ahead and plan for the future to make sure they're prepared for what's next – even if they have no idea what it will look like … "

What were some of the key leadership and communication articles you read this week?

– –David Grossman

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