Vauxhall is including a brand new brand design to the Flat Pack

Vauxhall has unveiled a logo overhaul that removes the previous 3D effect in favor of a flat design for the digital age after a variety of car brands including BMW, Nissan and Toyota abandoned one-off details that are notoriously difficult to implement via digital touchpoints.

In its first major update in over ten years, the new logo shows further improvements – notably the lack of the gripping wing, which was a prominent feature of the motif and was part of the curved rim in its previous incarnation.

The word mark was also changed. Rounded edges have now been replaced with sharper, more boxy font, and the color palette has been updated. Silver accents have been replaced with dark blue inserts to the red brand color to underline Vauxhall's "confident" British nature.

Vauxhall began implementing the new design on its digital channels over the summer. The official reveal coincided with news that it will be unveiled on a new model in 2021, to clear up some of the confusion other brands have had about whether the new digital-friendly logos will actually be used on cars.

"The bold but simple redesigns strengthen Vauxhall's position as a confident British brand," said Stephen Norman, Managing Director of Vauxhall Motors. “The brand is constantly developing and innovating again and again. These recent updates reflect Vauxhall's commitment to ingenious design and modernization. While maintaining the most iconic elements, the contemporary, minimal aesthetic has been created that will fit seamlessly with our upcoming models. "