Tristan Bagot on creating thrilling digital experiences

Digital designer and programmer Tristan Bagot creates digital platforms that are both engaging and memorable. He talks about his recent projects and the benefits of sitting in design and development

The past few years of digital design have left us with a dichotomy. Website builders – more popular and knowledgeable than ever before – are making the internet a consistently beautiful place to be, although some argue that it's not necessarily a good thing. At the other end of the spectrum, there's a chaotic digital landscape of popups and intricate features vying for attention.

Tristan Bagot, a creative programmer and digital designer who provides clients from the fields of fashion, visual arts and beyond, personality and interactivity, strives for provocative experiences that are of great importance. Throughout his career to date, he has worked on studio websites, online portals, event portals and e-commerce platforms, all of which go beyond the cookie cutter design and functionality that weighs heavily on many online experiences today.

Bagot has not always adapted to this work. He initially studied mathematics, but completed graphic design at ESAG Penninghen in Paris for five years. Towards the end of his graphic design studies, he began experimenting with code and generative web apps. Not only did it feel new and powerful, it also helped set him apart from the other students by freeing him from the usual design tools.

Only at the end of his graphic design studies did he get to know the technical details and discovered "all the possibilities these tools have to create new interfaces and present algorithmic concepts".

Above: Design and code for Alexandre Cadain from HTTB.EU. Above: Art Direction, Identity and Code for the production company Diplomats from HTTB.EU

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