To: You, From: A native in foreign land

It’s So Noisy

Walking, Crawling, Seeking, Screaming…movement of lips

And rapid gestures,

My palms they are empty, my mind it is so loud.

Voices unknown

Faces haunting-

Twisting and turning as I claw and scratch at the very essence of my being,

I sprint to the only place I’ve ever found peace,

But the chirping it unnerves me,

The warmth and smell of the islands,

The sound of beautiful lush green palm trees and mango trees so ripe with life and joy,

They dance in my eyes and resonate my ears!

Howling mongrels in the distance, “is there nothing more to your existence?!”



Peace…I search.

I fall freely into the ocean, not swimming, not paddling, no longer seeking nor screaming