To the enjoyment of the bookstore

A new online shop supports local bookstores at a crucial time. He also offers Daniel Benneworth-Gray the opportunity to compile a list of his favorite design titles

It's cold, it's dark, things are temporarily locked. It is not a good time to be a bookstore. Customers are turning to the Internet more than ever to search for books. However, with increasing personal contact on the screen, it is becoming increasingly clear how sterile, impersonal and monopolized all online shopping is. Companies and algorithms and joyless filling of baskets as far as the eye can see. So thank goodness for Bookshop, a new way to discover books online that have a touch of humanity.

Bookshop is a certified B Corporation (“a company that meets the highest standards of audited social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose”). Bookshop's mission is to financially support local, independent bookstores that benefit from a percentage of every sale.

Understandably, publishers and booksellers alike welcome this new platform. A new source of income is especially welcome when the doors are closed. At the time of writing, Bookshop has raised over £ 434,000 for bookstores (yes, that name confuses things). They don't shy away from the impact all of this has on the marketplace – the site is proud of the Chicago Tribune's response to its successful launch in the US earlier this year: " hopes to rebel Alliance to Amazon's Empire to be able to play ".