Tips on how to get verified on social media

Social media review is one of the first steps in building a successful social media marketing strategy.

Whether it's your personal account, your business account, or both, it's extremely important to put that little check mark next to your profile name.

And not in a way that you look like one of the cool kids.

A verified social media account provides instant social evidence and credibility when someone looks up at you or your business online.

The review can also help with networking and get your company to the top of your industry as a trusted option.

Social media review can be a challenge and it can take time, but it's definitely worth it.

But you may have already tried to get verified and got rejected.

Or you don't know where to start.

Unless you have a large following like Beyonce, getting a verified account takes some dedication and trial and error.

how to get verified on social media Beyoncé example

If you've previously tried to get verified and got rejected, you are probably not following the rules closely enough. Some sites are much more difficult than others to show your worth.

But don't give up.

I'm going to explain why your company isn't getting reviewed on social media.

Then, learn how to get verified on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Why get verified on social media?

Twitter was one of the first social media platforms to introduce review, and it took a while for it to become as important as it is today.

It started as a way for the platform to identify which Twitter accounts celebrities owned.

By checking on social media, users can now see which accounts belong to brands, companies, and influencers.

Basically, the social media verification is there to instantly tell other users, "Hey, this account isn't just your average Joe – watch out for it!"

This is especially useful for targeting younger users who are the most important demographic on social media.

Around 60% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old. Twitter is checked daily by 81% of millennials.

Having this badge of evidence is well worth following, paying attention to and interacting with your account. Here's how you know I'm really on Facebook:

Get verified on social media example Neil Patel

It instantly shows customers that all other accounts with that name are fake.

That's not as much of a problem for me as it is for mega brands like Walmart. Check out this fake Walmart YouTube account:

Get verified on a fake social media account

Looks pretty real at first, doesn't it?

There is an official Walmart logo as a profile picture and the description even says "Walmart Official YouTube Channel".

However, upon further verification, the account only has two video uploads and three subscribers.

Hence, this fake account was likely created to gain followers, create a scam, or even destroy Walmart's brand by impersonating a company.

Based on the videos on this channel, it was likely created to use the Walmart name to attract subscribers or views:

Example of a social media account not verified

Do you see how difficult it is to find out if the account is real or not? Since there is no tick, we can assume that it is probably not the right one.

But not every brand or company is reviewed, including Walmart's official YouTube page when I first wrote this article. (Today they jumped on the verification cart.)

Example of an unverified Walmart social media account

So you can't be sure until you rate, for example, the number of followers on the account and the type of content on the page.

If it had a check mark, there would be no guesswork or research.

The benefits of review are pretty straightforward to identify, and while the process is easier said than done, it is pretty painless overall.

The processes for review are unique to each social media platform. So let's go over the big ones.

So you can get verified on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Snapchat.

1. How to get verified on Facebook

Facebook's blue check box indicates a media company, global brand, or public figure (like Khloe Kardashian).

The gray check mark means that companies (like Starbucks) or certain pages in certain locations are authentic.

Facebook for influencers

Get verified on social media Facebook example

To see if your personal account is an influencer in your industry, first make sure your Facebook page is updated.

Add a recent profile picture and make sure your profile information is completely filled out.

Unless you have posted regularly (on Facebook or any social media platform) then you will need to wait until you have posted a consistent amount of time regularly before trying to check.

Also, according to Facebook, you need to make sure that your account is authentic, unique, complete, and remarkable:

Get verified via Facebook social media requirements

If you've already followed these steps, go to Facebook's Blue Verification Badge form.

Select the type of page you want to review and fill out the form accordingly, providing an email address, official website link, and more:

Get verified on the screenshot of Facebook social media requirements

Make sure you have a digital copy of your ID as Facebook uses this upload to verify that it really is you.

Facebook will process the request within a few days, but it may take a few weeks. So keep an eye out for their answer.

Facebook for business

how to get verified in social media fakebook companies

The business verification on Facebook confirms that the account actually belongs to the company.

To verify your company's Facebook account, contact your Business Manager and look for security settings. Note that not all companies need to be vetted – and you may not be eligible. For example, if you use monthly billing to pay for ads, you don't need to submit any documents.

When you find the security settings, click the Confirm Identity button. Send photo ID or upload the requested documentation. Enter your business details and select your company from the list.

Then select a phone number that you can access from the list provided or click the Use Domain Verification button. You can also choose to send the verification code by text or email.

Enter the verification code and click Submit.

You should expect to receive confirmation from Facebook that a company page has been reviewed within a few days. You will receive a notification on your personal Facebook page when it has been approved.

2. Get verified on Twitter

According to Twitter, the review indicates a "public interest account". Typically, this includes accounts held by users in music, drama, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other major areas of interest. "

So if your account doesn't fit into any of these areas, there's no point in checking.

If so, Twitter has some review tips to increase your chances of getting a review.

For example, you must have:

  1. A verified phone number
  2. A verified email address
  3. A bio
  4. A profile photo
  5. A header photo
  6. A website
  7. A birthday (if your account is not a company, brand, or organizational account)
  8. Tweets are set as public in the tweet privacy settings

Once you have met all of these criteria, you can submit a formal confirmation request. (Note: Twitter sometimes pauses the verification process, in which case you'll have to try another time.)

Get verified on Twitter

Be sure to fill out the form and include a back story of 500 characters or less as to why Twitter should verify your account.

You will also need to provide some website links to support your claims.

inserted picture 0 596

You can expect to get a response from Twitter within a week.

3. Get verified on Instagram

Of all the social media platforms, Instagram is probably the most selective when it comes to handing out verified badges.

According to Instagram, "accounts that represent well-known people and brands are being checked because they are very likely to be embodied as such."

"We want to make sure that people in the Instagram community can easily find the authentic people and brands they want to follow."

So for someone like Justin Bieber, getting verified was pretty easy:

inserted picture 0 566

If you already have a large following or are a mega-brand, Instagram will likely be checking your page without you having to:

Get verified on Instagram

In the meantime, if you don't, focus on these two key tactics:

  1. Create your following and post engaging pictures.
  2. Add as much identity information to your profile as possible so that it appears officially, even if there is no tick.

If you take the time to make your account legitimate without the official Instagram stamp of approval, people will notice.

And hopefully after a while Instagram too.

4. Get verified on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn, like Facebook, is the professional world, one might think that the verification process is very similar to Facebook's.

But it is not. The LinkedIn verification process works a little differently.

LinkedIn distributes checkmarks in the LinkedIn Lookup app.

These check marks prove that someone actually works for the company they specified.

Get verified on social media LinkedIn sample

And that tick is miraculously easy to get.

All you have to do is request confirmation from LinkedIn and wait for a four-digit code to land in your business email address.

Then enter the code into LinkedIn Lookup and ta-da! You are verified.

If someone doesn't have a checkmark on LinkedIn, it doesn't necessarily mean their profile isn't legitimate.

This probably just means that the verification process is still ongoing.

Another way to prove your credibility on LinkedIn is to get an invitation to join their influencer program like Bill Gates.

inserted picture 0 605

Since LinkedIn doesn't allow people to apply for the influencer program, your chances of joining the club with Bill Gates aren't particularly high.

However, LinkedIn is more likely to notice you when you publish your content on their platform.

You can also get a gold LinkedIn logo by upgrading to a premium membership like me.

inserted picture 0 586

Everyone who pays for a premium membership gets this logo, but it makes things look a bit more official than those who don't.

5. Get verified on YouTube

Checking your YouTube account and YouTube channel have almost nothing to do with each other, but they are usually considered the same thing.

Here's the difference between each type of review and why both are important.

Step 1. Check your YouTube account

Usually this can be done once you've created a YouTube account for the first time.

YouTube will remind you at the top of your video manager page to provide a cell phone number that you can link to your account.

Once you've done this and you should, YouTube will send you a verification code that you can enter to prove your account is real.

Performing this step is insanely important because you can take advantage of these additional features:

  • Uploads longer than 15 minutes
  • Add custom thumbnails to your videos.
  • Live broadcast
  • Appeal Content ID Claims

Get verified on YouTube on social media

Step 2. Check your YouTube channel

This is that the almighty little check mark is placed next to a YouTube channel name.

Get verified on social media vox youtube example

And tons of creators are trying to get it.

To get it, you need a minimum of 100,000 subscribers and then request the review.

They will check that your channel is authentic and complete and give you the badge.

6. Get a verified account Pinterest

When you get verified on Pinterest, users know that this is really your business, tied to boards on the platform. There will be a red check mark and your URL at the top of your page, like this:

Get verified on social media pinterest example

First, make sure the Pinterest account is a business, not a personal one.

Then confirm your website.

Next, add a "Pin It" button to your site.

From there, change your profile picture to your business logo.

First select the "Settings" option:

Get verified on the Pinterest screenshot on social media

Scroll to the bottom of the page where you added your website url.

You'll also want to link your Instagram, Youtube, and Etsy accounts if you have them.

Then click the Check Website button on the right:

inserted picture 0 570

Click on it and the following instructions will appear.

Pint 4

Follow each step accordingly, and Pinterest will notify you in a matter of days when you've been approved.

7. Get verified on S.Napchat

On Snapchat, verified users get something other than the typical check mark.

You get an emoji of your choice.

For example, Kim Kardashian has the 🍑 emoji:

inserted picture 0 603

This is important as it is virtually impossible to find a Snapchat user if you don't know exactly what their account name is.

However, with the use of emojis it becomes easy to find a “verified” account.

You don't need to know the account name. You can enter their real name.

This is perfect for celebrity accounts like Justin Bieber or Kylie Jenner, as their account names are "rickthesizzler" and "kylizzlemynizzl".

inserted picture 0 598

Snapchat recently went a step further and provided a list of related accounts to look out for when scanning a code with your phone's camera:

inserted picture 0 561

It looks like this will be the status quo for Snapchat review for a while.

If you have a large following on the app, reach out to Snapchat representatives and see if your account is worth checking out.

You will need to provide proof of identity if you are lucky enough to have them agree to verify your account.

If you're not a Snapchat VIP, then it might not be worth following these steps to verify your account.

However, you never know whether Snapchat will say yes or no. So it doesn't hurt just to ask.

You can contact Snapchat through the Contact Us webpage.

inserted picture 0 594

If they reject your request, you can always ask if they would like to be reviewed at a later date once you have built an even larger fan base on their platform.

The more followers and connections you have on the app, the better the chances that Snapchat will review you on the social media app.

8. Get verified on TikTok

TikTok has two different types of social media reviews: the blue check for brands and organizations and the yellow check for public figures and famous creators.

Get verified on tiktok

You can't request TikTok review at this time, but this option may be available soon. If you have any questions, the websites recommend sending an email to (Email Protected)


Reviewing social media is not a one-size-fits-all job.

It's not even possible on all social networks – for example, Reddit doesn't check accounts.

If you've tried to get verified on social media platforms and got rejected, try tracking the platform's requirements more closely.

Then send your request again as soon as you have met all the criteria.

If you get it right, you can get the tick mark credentials everyone wants to help build brand awareness.

Which social media platforms do you think are most important for the review?