This American Purple Cross PSA appeals to horror followers’ love of blood

Neve Campbell – who was in the original 1996 horror hit Scream, as well as several sequels – stars in the spot, which both celebrates and sends up the conventions of the scary movie genre. The film’s atmospheric ambiance is courtesy of cinematographer Caleb Heymann, who was also DOP on Netflix series Stranger Things.

It features well-worn tropes including the lone women running from the killer, instead of finding a weapon, and a cheerleading camp which just happens to be situated next to an abandoned insane asylum. “Guess I’m going to waste all this blood by dying in a predictable horror movie,” says one man, as he tries to hold a shed full of zombies at bay.

The point of the campaign, created by BBDO New York, is to remind viewers that however much they enjoy bloodshed in the movies – and apparently 50% of Americans love film gore – that doesn’t translate to the donation figures, with only 3% of the US giving blood.

Although it’s comedic in tone, the PSA delivers a serious message about how many Americans need blood, and what a profound difference donation can make.

Agency: BBDO New York
CCOs: Luiz Sanches, Matt MacDonald
CDs: Robert Danino, Victor Roa, Ricky Anolik, Paul Elicker
DOP: Caleb Heymann
Director: Matt Spicer
Production Company: Division7