The Vagina Museum is auctioning 60 artistic endeavors with vagina style

Artists from all disciplines have donated pieces to the museum's Open Soon campaign, which is being used to raise money to support the reopening on October 3rd. According to director Florence Schechter, the pandemic has hit the museum hard – especially since it is not yet eligible for government support and has no other external funding.

Creatives Nathalie Gordon, Amy Fasey and Jacob Hellström came up with the idea for the campaign and contacted artists of various genders, sexualities and nationalities to contribute.

By Ezra SmithBy Clemence GouyBy Lana Lè (aka Woolypear)By Dave Buonaguidi

There are a few names that CR readers will inevitably recognize, including Mr Bingo – who did a bushy line drawing – and Alva Skog, who went head-on. There's also photography, embroidery, illustration, and some cheeky neon typographic pieces by Dave Buonaguidi, celebrating some of the different euphemisms used on the vagina.

The auction, which takes place online, runs until October 3rd. All proceeds go directly to the museum. Minimum prices vary, although many start at £ 25. Londoners could also spy on some of the artwork on digital billboards across the city, with the space donated to the museum by LondonLites and Jack Agency.