The sustainable sports activities model Hylo presents its ultra-minimal branding

Hylos Blitz arrives for Nike as the sports brand reveals its minimalist visual identity and its first running shoe

The London agency Otherway designed the branding that should live between the world of sport and sustainability. It's strikingly minimalist, with a sans serif logo and font, and a bolt-shaped motif that Otherway says represents the power of nature and the speed and lightness of Hylo's first shoe.

Otherway worked closely with Hylo to develop the brand, named for the hylotelephium plant, a succulent plant commonly known as "life forever". Its slimmed-down look is directly linked to Hylo's sustainable references.

"We had discussions early on about colors or details, especially branding," Jono Holt, founder of Otherway, told CR. "To get that pop of color we would have to use an artificial dye. This extra detailing requires a different supply chain. They were withdrawn because the design needs to be simple, for the supply chain to be simple, for the sustainability and responsibility of the product.

"That was an insight that we learned from many of the designs and brands we work on. It was really interesting to understand the impact of a color or a detail."

According to the agency, Hylo's focus on sustainability will extend to a reward system where customers can send in old couples ready to be recycled into new ones. There are plans to also work with young athletic talent to rethink the sponsorship models that the sport typically relies on.