The Manufacturers Situation of Artistic Evaluation is out now!

We all know the famous brands that have always had creative thinking at their core. But the aim of this issue of Creative Review is to look at the brands we feel have been innovating and are having a particular impact this year – a theme we are planning to repeat annually in our print mag.

With this in mind, we have picked eight brands to profile – from Epic Games to Lego, Superette to Collina Strada – and have accompanied these with articles on creative trends in marketing and design that are relevant right now for brands.

You’ll notice when you look down our list of eight brands for 2022 that there is a particular skew towards those that are aimed primarily at kids and young people. This is because the challenge for relevancy is most apparent in those age groups, who switch effortlessly between digital worlds and real life, and who have a deluge of content aimed at them. To capture their continued attention, brands need to be smart, agile and in dialogue with this audience rather than talk ‘at’ them.

It’s not all about the young’uns, though. We also look at a cannabis brand that is using design to shape how we think about this new, controversial sector, and we examine how applying for a mortgage doesn’t need to be hellish, if presented in the right way.

Plus, we’re looking at the sports, fashion and lifestyle brands that are making us think differently about those markets, and have reflections and insights on the big trends and considerations among brands today – from the booming D2C market to the key ingredients that go into a successful brand collaboration.

As we experience ongoing turbulence around the world – and increased fears about the cost of living – the brands that can support, entertain, and surprise us are the ones we will keep returning to. And, as you’ll find in this issue, the way to achieve this is by smart creative thinking and brilliant design.