The Lowdown: How the model function might develop after the corona virus

Laura Jordan Bambach, CCO of Gray London, and Michele Oliver, Global Marketing VP at Mars, will speak to CR editor Eliza Williams on June 3rd about the brand purpose: Sign up to participate now

Laura Jordan Bambach and Michele Oliver

Branding has been a marketing trend for several years, leading to advertising campaigns that are greeted by a mixture of cheers and ridicule. Given the seismic change in the world, brands are playing an increasingly important role in how they can help their customers find their way in the “new normal”.

In a new conversation for The Lowdown, led by Creative Review editor Eliza Williams, Michele Oliver, Vice President Global Marketing at Mars, and Laura Jordan Bambach, Chief Creative Officer at Gray London, will discuss the role of brands in one can play changing world. and how the brand purpose can develop.

The trio will be in live conversation on Wednesday, June 3rd at 11 a.m. To join the conversation, please log in here.

This conversation is part of The Lowdown, a series of regular shows from Xeim brands, including Creative Review, Marketing Week, and Design Week, that explain how marketers and agencies can help address the challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic . More information is available here