The difficulty creates a “human” identification for the music curation service Playlister

If you've ever had a cocktail at The Standard or at El Pastor Tacos in London, chances are you've come across Playlister's work. The London and Ibiza based company curates music for restaurants, bars, fashion stores and boutique hotels and works with clients to create distinctive playlists and audio identities.

The company was founded in 2008 by Dan Lywood, who produced soundtracks for catwalk shows and luxury hotels. The company was founded with a focus on human curation. Through research and advice, the team provides custom playlists tailored to specific areas and brands.

This human approach was the inspiration for Playlister's new visual identity, which combines warm colors with graphic patterns, serif type, a lower case word mark and a playlist icon.

The branding, designed by the creative studio Output (who worked on identities for Mixcloud and the post-production house The Mill), is intended to reflect Playlister's focus on curating experts and help the brand stand out from other services based on digital algorithms.

The triangular play bar can be used to frame pictures or to interrupt text. This gives the brand a recognizable, flexible symbol that can be enlarged or reduced. The output also created graphic patterns that can be placed above, below or next to images, and selected a subtle color palette consisting of neutral hues and lighter coral and lilac accents. The sans-serif wordmark contrasts with the serif font Recife Display by Luzi Type, which is based on traditional Dutch fonts.

Like Collins’s work for Spotify and Mother’s identity for BBC Sounds, Playlister’s branding is designed to work with a wide variety of images and create a system that can adapt to a range of music and applications – from the company's website to social media content and customer suggestions.

“The system was designed so that the Playlister team can implement it. Simple guidelines and templates strike a balance between consistency and flexibility, ”says Output.

The studio also set about creating an elegant toolkit that reflects Playlister's focus on working with upscale brands and venues. The result is an identity that feels both playful and grown-up – and conveys a certain warmth and friendliness.;