The brand new movie by Extinction Rebel paints a hopeful image of a "gigantic change".

When we started planning how to rebuild our world after the corona virus, Extinction Rebellion asked us to rethink how this world should look in a series of campaign films. Based on the latest short film How Normal was Normal? The organization's latest project comes in the form of a beautiful new animation, The Gigantic Change.

XR turned to Passion Pictures – the production company behind Iceland's memorable orangutan Christmas ad – early on to bring the film to life.

"At that point, they had a preliminary draft of the script that we developed together," says executive producer Belle Palmer. "Since the environmental message is of enormous importance to Passion, we wanted to help make the film and use our expertise to make it as effective as possible."

In the near future, the animation will begin with a scene in which a grandmother reads a storybook to her granddaughter. The team hired the help of actress Whoopi Goldberg, who also plays an outstanding role in environmental issues to express the character of the grandmother. If she is too upset to continue the story, her granddaughter decides to take action and change the course of the story.

One of the most striking aspects of the short film is its breathtakingly beautiful aesthetics, brought to life by creative director George Lewin and animation director Nicola Jane Francis.

"Nicolas' character design and animation style are really emotional," says Palmer. “The characters' accomplishments feel real, which is important with this type of message. Although the design sensibility is quite simple, it has created beautifully nuanced emotions between them, and the audience really gets a glimpse of their relationship and the love between them in their tousled home and surroundings. "

The aesthetics of animation, which changes from disruptive images of human destruction to the rebirth of the natural world, is also intended to reflect its positive attitude. “The color palette was carefully chosen in the film to ensure that the peak is lively, positive and hopeful, which stands out from the strong front end. The speed of the film, in which the granddaughter takes over the story, is also increasing, with a multitude of characters and environments that are held together by beautiful transitions, ”says Palmer.

While the reality of what the world could look like by 2050 if we don't fight climate change now is troubling, the overall message of the animation is hopeful and reminds us all that "you can make a difference by taking action today".

Designer & animator: Nicola Jane Francis
Co-Directors: George Lewin and Nicola Jane Francis
Co-authors: Nicola Jane Francis and Josh Hughes
Executive producer: Belle Palmer at Passion Pictures
Producer: Serena Schellenberg