The brand new Extinction Rise up film asks how regular was regular

When we tentatively emerge from the block, the climate change activism group Extinction Rebellion asks us to evaluate where we're going

One of the persistent stories about the locks that have occurred worldwide is how good they were for the planet. While social isolation was often very difficult for individuals and families and terrible for the economy, it was great for nature: it gave us cleaner air and the opportunity to notice the twittering of birds, which is often drowned out by transport noise.

This has raised questions about the possibilities the pandemic offers us to start life anew with a different attitude towards our environment. A new film by Extinction Rebellion addresses this question directly: it highlights the bizarre nature of our “normal” world when everything is gone.

The film was shot in Sydney while Milos Mlynarik was suspended. Countless films have been made in cities that have been emptied by the corona virus since the pandemic began, and everyone shares an uncanny feeling of unease. However, this is reinforced here by the use of sound design that highlights the peculiarities of our capitalist existence. This is in contrast to the twittering of birds at the beginning and end of the film.

It is a strong message and is undoubtedly one of several that climate groups are sending to the public as they try to take advantage of the moments when the pandemic requires us to make positive long-term changes.

Creatives: Marco Mollo, Luke O’Driscoll
DP, color correction: Milos Mlynarik
Editing, sound design: Tim Arnold AV