The brand new advert for Kruger Merchandise reveals how blissful persons are

The new ad, titled "Unapologetically Human," features cradle-to-grave scenes, each focusing on the amount of chaos we can create in our lives. The campaign was launched by the new Canadian creative agency Broken Heart Love Affair for the Cashmere, Purex, SpongeTowels and Scotties brands from Kruger Products.

It might be a little awkward to see an ad with so many different body fluids at normal times, but during a global pandemic, you'll instinctively reach for a mask. Still, it's a refreshingly honest take on a tissue brand that shows us in all of our bloody and emotional glory.

"We wanted to remind Canadians that despite our differences, we are all human," said Susan Irving, CMO, Kruger Products. “We cry, we bleed, we use the toilet. Our brands are there for all of that and we don't shy away from it. In fact, this commercial is an expression of gratitude for all of these wonderfully real human moments. "

The ad will be published in both English and French, with the English version shown above being set to the track Human by Rag & # 39; n Bone Man (the French-language spot is played by Quebec's singer Dumas on Passer a l & # 39; ouest set). Production for the ad, starring real families, took place in Vancouver in mid-July.

"The assignment was simple and strong, with words like" raw "and" not apologetic, "which made it easy to get behind the idea and leave room for interpretation and collaboration," commented director Mark Zibert. "Of course there were all sorts of challenges and limitations that we had to get around within the Covid-19 security framework, but everyone has come together to find solutions."

Agency: Broken Heart Love Affair
Creative team: Carlos Moreno, Denise Rossetto, Todd Mackie
Production company: Scouts Honor
Director: Mark Zibert