The altering nature of magnificence packaging

In a fiercely competitive market, packaging can make an enormous difference in which beauty products do best. Here we examine how sustainability and influencer marketing is affecting the look and feel of the beauty sector

In 2020, the UK’s beauty industry was reportedly worth £27 billion, and has been valued at around $500 billion globally. Part of the seduction of many beauty products is the packaging it comes in. At its most basic function the packaging is to prevent tampering or damage, but beyond that it’s about promoting the brand, grabbing attention, and making a lasting impact on consumers. 

Though brands have long strived to make packaging that is as beautiful as the product itself, the impact of influencer marketing and online shopping has led to an even greater emphasis on aesthetics. But this paired with a growing desire for sustainable products has meant that the beauty world is on the cusp of a new wave in how packaging is designed and the materials that are used. Here CR speaks to three studios: MadeThought, Leslie David Studio and Established, to get an insight into how they work with beauty brands, the pressure to court consumers, and how their approaches have shifted over the years.  

Top and above: Charlotte Tilbury packaging by Made Thought

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