That is the way you change into a profitable vlogger

If I told you that you could become a successful vlogger, would you believe me?

Or do you think there is too much competition?

YouTube is saturated – 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There are tens of million dollar YouTubers creating thousands of hours of video annually.

How could you possibly break through the noise?

Well, I'm here to tell you that video blogging still has great potential.

Just look at the growth in video ad investment among brands and agencies and where it's likely to go:

average video spend and how it affects successful vloggers

Investments grow because they follow consumption. Video ads are seen by more than 85% of US internet users.

It may not be as easy to get into the vlogging scene as it was five or seven years ago. Video is more important than ever to build a successful online marketing strategy.


First, video remains one of the best and most effective ways to get to know you.

When they see you, their brain develops an impression of you that will help build trust. You are not just an anonymous content creator trying to move your business forward. You are a real person.

Second, video is a preferred method of obtaining information. The statistics don't lie. People spend up to 2.6 times as much time viewing websites with video as they do without video.

Third, the cost of good equipment continues to decrease, and the cameras in our phones keep getting better.

Fourth, video has a strong impact on user experience and therefore search engine optimization. Having a video on your website can increase organic traffic by 157%. Check out this infographic:

Why Invest In Video To Become A Successful Vlogger?

After all, video blogging can be lucrative in itself. The best YouTubers make between $ 14 million and $ 22 million a year.

The power of video is undeniable.

All of this begs the question: How can you become a successful vlogger?

I'm going to explain the steps you need to take to become a successful vlogger, from starting a vlog to developing concepts for a video series, to creating a quality video and making sure people find your videos.

Let's jump in.

How to Develop a Concept for a Series of Videos

Many people follow the desire to create a video by coming up with an idea for a video.

That would be like starting a blog with an idea for just one article.

As you probably know, that wouldn't get you very far.

In this video I explain how long content marketing takes:

Video, like any other form of content marketing, requires a long-term strategy defined by a topic, tone of voice, and approach.

Here is a question to ask yourself:

"What am I trying to convey to my audience?"

Once you know what you want to do, it's time to define your vlogging content concept:

  • How should the format be? Should I create screen capture demos with step-by-step instructions? Should i talk to people? Should I speak to the camera?
  • What can I do with video that I can't do in other formats like the written word?
  • How often do I make videos? How much time can I devote to them?

You need to document your plan to determine if it will last long enough to achieve your goals.

The reality is that people need to see consistency in order to understand why they should subscribe to your channel.

If you make random, sporadic videos it will be more difficult to convince people to follow you.

The content of your video determines your success.

Of course, this is only possible if you are creating high quality videos.

How to Create High Quality Video Content for Your Vlog

Making video is a complicated job. When you see all of the elements it takes to record a TV show or movie, you can be forgiven for thinking that you could never do something like this.

how to become a successful vlogger.

And you probably can't.

That's OK.

People who will see your video on your blog aren't expecting a production from Steven Spielberg.

People understand what vlogging is.

However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be concerned about quality. Quality is still very important.

Fortunately, the cost of making high quality video has steadily decreased and continues to decline. There are more and more types of devices that can help you turn your video from amateur to professional.

Step 1. Get a camera and tripod

You might be tempted to use your iPhone.

And frankly, cameras on smartphones have gotten amazing over the years. You have probably already taken some great photos and videos on your phone.

However, smartphone cameras are difficult for serious video blogging because:

  • They are difficult to assemble properly
  • You have a very limited depth of field
  • You have very limited exposure options
  • Sound sucks

Selfie videos are best used for things like Instagram stories.

They can be part of your video strategy, but shouldn't be the foundation of it.

The quality of the cameras varies widely, from basic models with low hundreds to professional devices that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Most DSLR cameras also have video modes, although the options can be just as limited as they are with smartphones.

If you didn't know, DSLR cameras look like this:

Build a successful vlog using camera gear

The good news is that you won't need all of these fancy settings unless you are hunting snow leopards in the wild.

What you need is a camera with a good lens that can capture high quality video. Not necessarily 4K, but enough quality to work with if you want to add extras.

You can find refurbished HD digital video cameras like this one for under $ 200.

Build a successful vlog with a better video camera

Then mount the camera on a tripod. Nothing is worse than a shaky video.

You can always put your camera on a table or shelf, but tripods are very affordable and give you 100% control over your shooting.

Full-size tripods are less than $ 20. So there's really no excuse not to have a tripod.

successfully vlog get a microphone

Step 2. Get a microphone

You can either purchase a camera with a microphone jack to plug in an external microphone (which you can do with your smartphone while filming), or you can buy a USB microphone and record the sound straight onto your computer.

inserted picture 0 713

It depends on the type of conditions you are filming in. Typically, however, you don't want to record audio directly from the camera.

Separating the recording between two devices increases the challenge of having to synchronize sound and image later.

You can overcome this by creating a clap sound that picks up your audiovisualizer every time you sync, and then aligning it with the audio of the video.

Video editing software for a successful vlog

I can't stress how important it is for your videos to have great sound. Sound is one of our basic senses and should be part of your marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways to harness the power of sound:

Put simply, poorly recorded audio can put people off and prevent you from getting your message across.

Step 3. Create your lighting setup

Lighting videos is an art in itself. However, it's surprisingly easy to get a great effect since a video setup usually only has three main lights.

successful vlog with lighting chart

It is important that you separate yourself or your subject from the background. You can of course do this with focus and depth of field. But it looks really professional if there is a difference in lighting too.

You don't even need a professional lighting setup.

You can make a pretty decent lighting setup out of lamps you may have around the house.

You can also buy LED circuit board lights that diffuse very well without getting hot – one of the downsides of using incandescent lamps. You can buy versions that you can attach to your camera when you're not recording in a controlled environment.

successful vlog how to light your videos

It is usually better to be lighter. The picture is clearer as the camera takes in more light and therefore more details.

Step 4. Get a teleprompter

It's great to be able to speak from the cuff with ease. There are some vloggers out there with a natural style that works really well. Take the beauty vlogger Freddy My Love. Her effortless and natural style has been refined through years of practice.

successful vlog example

You may need help delivering content in a clear and structured manner.

You could memorize talking points and do a few takes. Then you can put the best pieces together.

However, this is a longer process than using a teleprompter.

A teleprompter makes it easier to hit all of the important points without memorizing them or having to switch between them. You could even write a script to follow verbatim.

But it's more than a time saver. The way you interact with your viewers is drastically improved.

If you have notes or something off-screen, speaking directly to your audience will break eye contact.

According to a study by Cornell University, humans naturally increase eye contact with people we admire or like.

Conversely, we tend to break eye contact when talking about embarrassing or uncomfortable topics.

Viewers subscribe to vloggers they respect. You can look your viewers straight in the eyes while you still read your script or bullet points.

A teleprompter may seem complicated, but it's actually pretty simple.

Teleprompting uses a slanted piece of glass to reflect the words so you can read them.

As long as there is darkness between the glass and the camera lens, the camera will not pick up the light reflected from the text on the glass. The camera only sees you.

However, you can read the text clearly as you scroll. It looks like this:

how to use a teleprompter to vlog

You can purchase a teleprompting setup and use your iPad or tablet with a teleprompting app.

There are also more advanced models that connect to pedals for your feet that control how fast the text scrolls.

If this all sounds way too much, anytime you can try building one yourself with a CD case and your smartphone to see if you like it.

Step 5. Do your makeup

That might sound a little controversial – and I agree with that because I want you to have all the options you need to be successful – but people love to watch videos with people put together.

(This explains why so many movie stars are poor at acting.)

You don't have to be Brad Pitt and you shouldn't go overboard, just make an effort.

You have an HD camera and lighting setup. People have never seen you so clearly as they do now.

For example, if you set yourself on fire, there will almost certainly be shiny parts of your skin. This is your natural skin oil.

The most common makeup is a powder that absorbs oil, making your skin appear smooth without reflecting too much light.

vlog: Tips for editing

Test your lighting setup and see where your skin is a little too shiny.

To be very clear, this applies to both men and women.

Then apply a powder if necessary. Your video (and you) will look a lot more professional.

Step 6. Edit – a lot

Making videos is like any other skill. You will do better the more you do it.

Video editing makes your life a lot easier by making it easier for you to switch between the best settings to create your content faster.

Video editing software is easy to find and use. iMovie is available on all Macs and is available as an app for iOS.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it a breeze to use.

How to Successfully Vlog Editing Tips imovie Screenshot

If you ever wonder how to do something like For example, shortening a transition or superimposing an image, there are countless tutorials on YouTube.

The bottom line is that you should be creating a lot of content. You may not even use most of it. But you get better every time you try something new.

And you should be careful to avoid overwriting it. Instead, you should focus on a more qualitative approach.

Even if you think you did something great the first time, force yourself to try again.

You never know when you're going to run into something great.

OK, you have the keys to actually creating your videos to execute your strategy. Now comes the hard part.

This is how you get people to see your vlogs

When you create a video, you are in control of everything.

You decide how much time and money you can invest in creating your video. You decide who to work with and what the result should look like.

Then you decide when to put it online.

You don't decide when other people see it.

You can only try to get their attention.

Getting people to watch your video can be difficult, but there are many steps you can take to maximize your potential audience and get more people to click play.

Step 1. Make an awesome thumbnail

The first thing a lot of people will see is the thumbnail on the player before they start the video.

In fact, this is the communication that reaches everyone who comes across your video but doesn't play it.

This digital property is your little promo box and can drive engagement. Take the time to do it great.

Here are two examples from Gary Vaynerchuk. He varies the style of the thumbnail from a photo collage titled in a fun YouTube style:

1 gary vee youtube 1 how to vlog successfully

To a more elegant and serious tone when its subject is more inspiring:

1 gary vee YouTube 2 vlog successful

However, in the thumbnail view you always see one thing: the title.

It's an important property that you can fully personalize to get users to click.

You have to adhere to brand values ​​and guidelines, but you should create something custom to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward.

To add a thumbnail to your video, click the video in your video manager.

In the middle of the screen next to the player you will see some images from your video that you can choose as a thumbnail.

how to vlog successfully on Youtube

Click Upload Image to add your own custom image. The best size is 1280 x 720 pixels. A 16: 9 ratio works best as this is the format of the layout.

However, you need to keep your thumbnail below 2MB.

Step 2. Optimize your video for search

I'm not just talking about Google search here.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. All of these searches result in an insane number of views.

To optimize your search, you need to work on your descriptions. YouTube cannot crawl your videos like Googlebot cannot crawl your website.

You need to help to get YouTube SEO right. Here are some things you can do:

  • Write a description of at least 250 words that describes the subject matter of the video
  • Get your keywords in the description in the first few sentences and use them at least three or four times in the body of the description
  • Start the title of your video with your keywords
  • Add tags. Tags can be used to appear in the Related Videos column when other videos are being viewed.

how to vlog successfully with Youtube descriptions

There are also some of the advanced settings that come in handy to enable it.

1 YouTube SEO for successful vlog.

If your video is focused on a local area, consider adding a localization to the video.

Then you want to create as many views as possible. So make sure the two options are checked: allow embedding and notify subscribers.

This way, users can share your video on their websites and you can take advantage of their traffic to improve views.

And wouldn't it be silly if your subscribers didn't know you had a new video? It is enabled by default, but only once.

Step 3. Use end screens to promote other videos

Anyone who has watched your video to completion is likely very interested in what you have to say. This is the best time of all to catch them.

YouTube designed end screens to get people's attention at the end of your video.

You can present related or featured videos to your viewers 20 seconds before the end of your video and / or shortly after.

To do this, go to your YouTube account and click on the video manager in the menu on the left:

1 YouTube successful vlog

You will see a list of your videos. Click on one of them.

You will see all the options for editing your video such as: B. to enhance or add audio. Choose editor, then Add an end screen.

The end screen adds extra time to the end of your video, which you can use to do two important things: promote your other videos and get people to subscribe to your channel.

Click the Add Item button.

1 YouTube 4

You will see a drop down menu with various options. All of them are great for traffic.

YouTube offers three options for promoting your other videos and playlists which are pretty good.

how to promote your vlogging content

You can choose your most recently uploaded videos or a specific video that you want to promote.

Or, you can let YouTube do the work and automatically recommend videos from your channel that are most relevant to each viewer.

You can even link to other people's videos if you want.

When you add a video, the thumbnail and title and duration of the video are displayed:

1 YouTube 7

You can reposition and resize the video.

You can add up to four items to expose people to as many of your videos as possible.

Step 4. Let people subscribe to your YouTube channel

If you want to create a successful vlog, you need to increase your subscribers.

Views come and go.

Subscribers are more than people who saw your video.

They are people who were so pleased with this video that they want to see more. They expect that you will give them something great again.

Additionally, media companies and brands looking to partner with vloggers use subscribers as a key metric for evaluating opportunities.

Most importantly, adding the subscription action. When you do this, you will see your channel's avatar in a round circle.

Neil Patel Circle 4 how to vlog

You can position this button anywhere on the screen.

You can also use the ending screen described above to increase the number of subscribers.

Don't forget to add a link to subscribe to your website, email signature, and Instagram bio. It is not enough to just add the YouTube link. You should tell people something clear like "Subscribe to see more videos".

Step 6. Go live

Live video is the new wild west in digital marketing. There are many possibilities. It's much easier to be featured on the live home page than it is on the regular YouTube home page.

how to vlog successfully on Youtube

I've written all about how you go live on YouTube and why it matters.

Live also gives you the ability to interact directly with people as they watch you.

You can instantly respond to questions from people who appear in the chat. This creates a real-time relationship.


Video blogging is becoming increasingly important for content marketing.

And there is no time to start video marketing right now.

Organize your thoughts, sit down, and conceptualize a video series.

Like any content marketing, your video needs to offer the viewer something valuable, be it informative, educational or entertaining.

Then, create the highest quality video that your time and budget will allow.

If it helps, read some books on cinematography. I recommend Gustavo Mercados The Filmmaker’s Eye. You can flip through to get the basics of things like composing shots.

Whatever you do, don't forget to get your video in front of people.

You could make the best video the world has ever seen, but that won't make you a successful vlogger.

What are your experiences with vlogging?