Tanu Muino on making music movies greater, higher, and bizarre

Tanu Muino is the filmmaker on every artist's wish list, after a string of hits for Lil Nas X, Cardi B and Rosalía. CR spoke to her about creating blockbuster music videos, her love for Hieronymus Bosch, and why artists have to embrace the bizarre

Every year thousands of music videos are uploaded to the internet and for the most part viewed, enjoyed and probably given no further thought. So you need to stop and pay attention when a phenomenon like Montero from Lil Nas X pops up. The film, currently viewed 161 million times, has drawn praise and anger for its depictions of heaven and hell, including the musician sliding down an endless pole to Hades to give the devil a lap dance.

Tanu Muino was the Ukrainian director behind the video, which helped put her right at the top of the music industry's most wanted list. Prior to working with Lil Nas X, she had filmed and produced a long list of videos for artists in her home country, as well as films for Katy Perry, Cardi B, and Rosalía – all in a similarly lavish, compellingly dream-like universe as Montero.

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