Stormzy's new music video pays heavy tribute to actual superheroes

Continuing the Covid animation renaissance, Stormzy has just released an animated music video for his new single Superheroes, endorsed by director Taz Tron Delix, to bring it to life.

Known for his early work with the likes of Mike Skinner and Ragz Originale, Delix had previously worked with Stormzy on the video for his 2019 track Audacity, in which the rapper took command of an 18-wheel truck. The video for superheroes takes a different approach and puts Stormzy's message of everyday heroism in front of a sunset-colored backdrop created by the Argentine animation studio 2veinte.

"It's a celebration of being yourself, a feel-good story that bursts the bubbles of stereotypes, a reminder that not all superheroes wear capes, they're our family, friends and community. We wanted kids especially, especially black kids, encourage and empower them to reach their full potential, ”says Delix.

The video is dedicated to the late Chadwick Boseman, who starred in Marvel's Black Panther. It features an animated version of Stormzy who shows a boy a range of real life superheroes – from a woman preparing a feast for her grandma to a dad who spends time with his kids.

"For me the texts really painted a picture and I want to use the structure of a hero's journey like in all classic superhero films, but this time with Stormzy as a guru or Jedi figure who teaches a boy how to use his powers", says Delix. "He takes the boy on a journey through the community and shows him others who have found their" gifts "."

There are a number of clever allusions to some of the rapper's heroes, including Noughts and Crosses writer Malorie Blackman, soccer player Marcus Rashford, and rapper Dave, who the boy transforms into.

The Black Lives Matter movement is also heavily represented in the video. “We were still in the commissioning phase when the tragic death of George Floyd happened and worldwide BLM demonstrators marched in solidarity against police brutality and systemic racism. The song resonated even deeper now and I knew we had to incorporate this powerful movement and message that was happening all around us, so I rewrote the script, this time incorporating the police scene and the BLM march, ”says Delix .

In true Stormzy fashion, the video premiered in front of school children in classrooms across the UK. In a video for the show, Stormzy says, "I wanted to show you guys first because as a high school student I think it's important that you understand how powerful you are." Despite the color of your skin, despite your origins, despite your religion, despite what you may be holding back: you are a superhero. "

For Delix, the animation provides the perfect backdrop for the rapper's uplifting message. "It makes sense that this might be related to the pandemic restrictions why Stormzy chose to do animation, but it seems that this could only have been animation at one time," he says. “It had to cross borders, just like the music. It makes the impossible possible and allows us to get lost in our imaginations. "

Taz Tron Delix is ​​represented by Compulsory

Director: Taz Tron Delix
Production company: Mandatory
Animation: 2veinte
Creative Director: Pablo Gostanian
Managing director: Agustin Valcarenghi
Animation director: Isra Giampietro
Art directors: Pablo Gostanian, Patricio Delpeche
Character design: Patricio Delpeche