Spotify Wrapped's 2020 marketing campaign thanks the artists who stored us going

All images from the Spotify 2020 campaign Wrapped

The music industry has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic this year, with a number of canceled performances, venues struggling to stay open, and live performances having to adapt to the virtual world.

For 2020, Spotify's annual Wrapped campaign aims to honor that struggle and "recognize and celebrate the human stories of the year". This year Wrapped is all about gratitude and resilience, from artists to podcasters, families to frontline workers and the lost playlist creators, and a bit of humor too.

“In a year that has taken so many twists and turns, an initial response might be to look ahead and forget the challenging times. However, that would ignore all of the amazing work that creators, fans, venues and activists have put into their hearts this year, ”said Dan Brill, global group creative director at Spotify.

“So instead of turning our backs in 2020, we wanted to pay tribute to those who gave us hope – the people who, despite difficult circumstances, found ways to bring magic into our world and give us hope for a better tomorrow. ”

In addition to personal information on the most listened to titles and statistics that individual users can access, Spotify is distributing the campaign to social and outdoor advertising to find “beauty in chaos” and to thank those who made it possible. Campaign images include a greeting to Cardi B's "Inestimable Wisdom and Philosophy" for her track WAP starring Megan Thee Stallion, as well as poster placements in the hometowns of artists such as Glasgow, where Lewis Capaldi's Someone You Loved has been streamed over 706,000 times.

Other images provide a deeper look into our music and podcast listening habits this year with posters, including a big credit for the 64+ million streams on the Spotify Black Lives Matter playlist, a high-five for the 108% increase in listening of health and wellness podcasts and a huge nod to WFH playlist creation increasing by more than 1,400%.

The campaign continues on Spotify's social channels with a "global circle of gratitude" inviting artists and creators to reflect on the year and inviting influencers to curate playlists to reflect their personal 2020. Spotify has also made a number of fan films asking listeners to thank their favorite artists.

Spotify's annual Wrapped campaign has become a signifier for the end of the year, but this year in particular also provides an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the positive results of the past 12 months.