Sports Pulse

The involvement in sports and physical activity can be one of the best experiences for any individual. It is an integral part of the development of youth and in life. It teaches people how to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Some activities include playing football, athletics, basketball, wrestling and the list goes on. Once these activities are approached in the right way, they can bring immense enjoyment and positive feelings. For many individuals playing a sport and participating in any form of physical activity can be an amazing, life changing experience and have numerous positive effects. Through the involvement of such an individual is able to maintain a healthy lifestyle, weight, make friends and build self esteem. Being overweight can cause major health problems such as sleep apnea, hypertension and more. Physical activity can help a child who is struggling with health problems over come it or reduce its effects like for example obesity or being overweight. Through physical activity they are able to get rid of that stigma of being obese and feel better about themselves. Through sports a child learns many crucial aspects of life in playing with other children. They learn how to communicate with others, how to play as a team, acquire a sense of self worth and take pride in their skills. Any child no matter the age glories in praises they receive whether it is from a coach or parent. So if sports were dropped from schools, teachers would be faced with more work load as they try to find a way to incorporate what students were once gaining through participating in sports. Without sports a lot of talent will go unnoticed as the child does not have the opportunity to try something they could possibly be great at and go on to perfect that talent. I myself participated internationally in athletics and if I was not put to run my first race in school no one including myself would have ever known that I was closest thing to Usain Bolt! Sports and physical activity have so many benefits and positive effects on the individual and society as a whole such as a healthier and well fit society, less youth on the streets being idle and an overall general improvement of the physical, social and mental well being of the individual.