Social media advertising recommendation

Hiring a social media marketing consultant could transform your business completely. You can use the help of an expert if:

  • You have problems attracting or retaining customers
  • You're not getting the ROI you want from social media
  • Your social media strategy is ubiquitous
  • You or your team don't have a lot of experience with social media

Social media consultants have the knowledge and skills to reverse your sluggish social media campaigns. You can access advice and strategic planning at the highest level.

If you're considering working with a social media advisor, here's everything you need to know:

4 Ways A Social Media Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business Grow

Think of a social media marketing advisor as the Yoda of your company. They are the wise teacher and guide who can help you grow your business tenfold through social media. Here's what they will do:

1. Develop a powerful social media strategy

A social media marketing consultant will dig deep into your current strategy and performance. They help you find out what works and what doesn't, and where there is room for improvement.

The advisor will work on your business goals or help you set smarter goals if necessary. From there, they'll develop a custom social media strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

Your social media expert will help you with the tactic that's tailored to your business and set up a powerful social media sales funnel. This is vital because it takes an average of seven and a half visits to your website before someone makes a purchase.

2. Get great results

Working with a social media advisor can be very rewarding. They will help you get the most ROI out of your social media campaigns.

First of all, they can help you build larger numbers of social media. They show you how to build a community around your brand and gain followers.

You can also develop content and advertising strategies that:

  • Bring new potential customers into your company
  • Snap the cable back into place
  • Drive conversions and more …

3. Provide expert advice

The best social media consultants are experts with a ton of experience helping clients grow their business. They can share this wealth of knowledge and experience with you.

When you've encountered a roadblock on social media, a counselor can bring a new perspective and use their expertise to find solutions to your problems. They are very familiar with established best practices and emerging trends so they can be sure to point you in the right direction.

Some social media consultants offer training so that you can continue to manage your campaigns effectively.

4. Help with analytics

It is important that you track your social media performance using the correct metrics. 95% of the most successful B2B marketers use metrics to measure content performance.

By monitoring your analytics, you can determine if you are achieving your goals and where you may need to step up your efforts or tweak your strategy.

But for some, all of the data and reports can get a bit much. A social media consultant can guide you to the best tools or software for analyzing and monitoring social media.

They can help you decipher reports and select the most important information and metrics for your business or campaign goals.

All in all, a social media marketer will develop a strategy and implement tactics that will help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

Getting started with social media marketing consulting

If you make the right preparations, you and your social media marketing advisor can get started right away. Your collaboration is going smoothly and you will get a lot more of it. So here's what you need to do to get started:

1. Find out what type of advisor you need

The first step is to determine what areas you need help with. You need to decide what role the social media marketing advisor should play. This can fall into one or more of the following categories:


The advisor takes on an advisory role. They carry out their due diligence on your company and your target group, for example by interviewing the right executives on your team or creating buyer personalities.

With all the information collected, they create a detailed strategy for social marketing, offer the necessary training and / or advise you further over a specified period of time.

Project management

It's also possible to hire a social media advisor who not only develops the right strategy, but also turns that strategy into an actionable plan. You determine schedules, budgets, resource allocation, etc.


If so, the social media marketing advisor will do all of the above and then jump in the trenches with you. You monitor and participate in the implementation of your strategy.

So the question is, do you need a consultant or someone to roll up your sleeves and run the project?

2. Set your goals

Your social media goals are the starting point for a marketing advisor. You define the overarching strategy to be implemented and the performance indicators to be measured.

Once you have an idea of ​​what you want to achieve with social media, try to document your goals as clearly as possible. For example, you might want to increase your Instagram ad's click-through rate by X%.

As mentioned above, if at a loss, a social media marketer can help you set goals and create a sales funnel from scratch.

3. Get your ducks in a row

The last thing you need to do before starting any partnership with a social media marketing advisor is creating any documentation or reports that you want to share.

For example, you can put together a package of analytical reports from last year. Or maybe you want your social media strategy to align with your broader digital marketing strategy. In this case, you need to share your documented strategy with the advisor.

The more useful information you can share, the better.

Basically, before you start working with a social media marketing advisor, there are some basics you need to do. But ultimately it will make your collaboration much more successful.

Measuring the ROI of Social Media Marketing Consulting Services

When done well, social media marketing can deliver a high return on investment. In fact, I used social media to generate $ 632,481 in revenue in one year.

One thing to consider is that the way you measure ROI depends on your goals. Sometimes social media marketing activities have an impact on sales, but you don't necessarily see the dollars that come straight from those activities.

For example, you can share blog content on social media to generate traffic and increase brand awareness. The way you would measure the ROI of such activity depends on the number of views or the level of engagement.

Of course, it is easier to calculate ROI when you work with lead gen campaigns or paid ads. In this case, you measure the number of leads generated or simply the conversions.

It is important that you discuss ROI with a social media marketing advisor in light of your goals. You need to understand what to expect for the tariff you are paying.

6-point checklist for finding the right social media marketing consultant

There are tons of social media marketing consultants out there. Not all are equal. Hence, you need to know what to look for and what questions to ask in order to make the right choice for you:

1. Relevance

As mentioned above, there are different types of social media marketing consultants. Hence, you need to check that the advisor is providing the services you need.

Do you also have experience in your industry? Relevant experiences with similar customers like you mean they know which tactic is likely to be most effective for your target audience.

Check their website to see if past customers and what they achieved for them. Some review sites, such as B. Clutch, also indicate the size and category of customers.

2. Experience

Experience is everything in the consulting world. A consultant can make great demands, but can they actually enforce them?

Anyone can take a short online course or read blog posts about social media marketing. Implementing successful IRL campaigns is something completely different.

The first step is to review the consultant's own social media channels. If their following, engagement rates, or content seem a little crappy, they are likely inexperienced and doing a crappy job for you.

Next, check your credentials. How many years of experience do you have in the industry? Do you have practical experience?

3. Connections

Finding a consultant with industry connections or links to social media influencers is a huge bonus.

This is the kind of thing that the average company is very difficult to accomplish on its own unless it wants to pay over the roof on influencer marketplaces and the like. Find out from your advisor what kind of collaboration is on the table.

At Neil Patel Digital, for example, we've cultivated connections with thought leaders and influencers over the years in a number of areas including B2B, marketing, technology, and more. We know the benefits such relationships can bring.

4. Examples

First, it's a good idea to use examples of a consultant's previous work as evidence of their experience. This can take the form of case studies or blog content where they talk about their work experience.

You should also look for examples of what the counselor can do specifically for you. Obviously, they won't work out a full strategy for you until you agree to work with us.

However, they should be able to give you examples or ideas of what kind of work they can do for you and what results they would expect.

5. Pricing

The tariffs of the consultants for social media marketing vary. Usually, you can expect experienced and qualified advisors to pay a higher rate. However, be sure to research all the other points to see if an advisor is worth the price they are charging.

You also need to consider how pricing works logistically. Does the consultant offer tiered packages or an hourly rate? Is there a minimum contract duration? Are there any additional costs?

Always choose an advisor who is transparent about their terms and prices.

6. Balance

The counselor you review should have a positive attitude. You should look for someone who is enthusiastic and confident to help you grow your business through social media.

However, be careful of those who overdo it. A good social media consultant will also be realistic about what they can help you with and in what time frame you can expect it.

Overall, don't be afraid to ask a few questions. A good social media marketing consultant will be ready to answer these clearly and openly.


It pays to hire a social media marketing consultant if you want to revise a failed social media strategy or take your existing strategy to the next level. With the right tools and tactics, you will get a thorough understanding of your company and your target audience to help you achieve your goals.

When choosing the right social media marketing advisor, make sure that they not only have hands-on experience with social media marketing, but also experience relevant to your industry or the services you need.

Now it's up to you to find a consultant to help you grow your business. Step one: set your goals and identify exactly where your business needs help.