Slowthai and Oscar Hudson are working collectively on a superb new video

The promo for the new single Feel Away is in a maternity ward and features a heavily pregnant Slowthai, a wedding ceremony at a bad time, and a questionable selection of cakes

Oscar Hudson is known for creating weird and wonderful music videos, ranging from his Alice in Wonderland-like film for the bonobo track No Reason to a mind-boggling commuter scene for Loyle Carner's Ottolenghi promo.

The director's most recent musical collaboration is with Slowthai, as rapper joins James Blake and Mount Kimbie's Dom Maker on the new single Feel Away.

Slowthai is dedicated to his late little brother Michael John and describes the track as important for trust as a foundation for relationships.

“This song is about the doubts we have, be it in friendships, with your partner or with our family. It's about putting yourself in each other's shoes so that you understand the situation better, ”he says.

The video is in a maternity ward, where it quickly turns out that Slowthai is actually the child. It was shot in a POV style that feels like a cross between an episode of Peep Show and Alan Brookings' classic commercial The Pregnant Man.

There are also a few amusing references to the recent spate of “Everything's Cake” videos that have gone viral on social media – including a particularly disturbing closing shot of a hyper-realistic baby cake.

Read CR's interview with Oscar Hudson about his creative process here.

Director: Oscar Hudson
Cinematographer: Ruben Woodin Dechamps
Production Designer: Luke Moran-Morris
Production company: Pulse Films
Cake maker: The king of baking

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