Silver Smoky Eyes

Hi guys! Today I have decided to share another of my favourite looks with you all. The steps are in easy point form. This look is a simple Silver Smoky Look, with a nude lip (That was a mouthful). I hope that you enjoy, and that it inspires someone.


a) Eyes

– Start out with a clean face and clean hands.

– Tone and moisturize skin.

– Do brows as desired.

– Apply eye primer all over lid, up to brow bone.

– Lightly apply a matte pearl shadow under brow as your highlight colour, (use a light hand).

– Take a brown that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone, and apply it within the crease of the eye, blending it slightly upward.

– Apply a dark toned base to second half of lid, and pat some of the colour lightly to first half of lid. Blend with your fingers.

The base should look lighter the closer it gets to your inner tear duct, and darker toward the outer corner of the lid.*N.B.* Try not to get any of the base into, or above the crease area of your eye. (I used NYX’S Jumbo Stick in Black Bean my as my base).

– Apply a dark silver eye-shadow that has a slightly blue undertone to it, on to the last two thirds of the mobile lid, covering the black base.

– Apply a slightly lighter silver to the inner third of eyes, and blend into the darker silver.

– Within the crease, and on the outer V of the eye, add a little matte black, and blend upward.

– Apply a dark matte brown shadow on to blending brush , and apply just above crease , where some of the matte black that you applied earlier may be.*N.B.* work with a light hand.

– With a clean brush, blend all colours till they seamlessly flow into each other.

– Line top lash line with black liquid or gel liner.

– Apply mascara and falsies (if you want to).

– Line bottom lash line lightly with a dark pencil liner, and sweep some matte dark brown eye shadow onto it. Do not smudge it.


b) Face

-Clean up any smudges or shadow fallout.

-Apply face primer all over face.

-Apply concealer to points required.

-Apply foundation to rest of face.

-Blend both foundation and concealer seamlessly.

-Set face with powder if you used cream or liquid foundation / concealer.

-Choose a natural blush and apply it to cheeks (Lightly).


c) Lips

-Line lips with a natural toned liner.

-Using a synthetic fiber lip brush, apply your lip-gloss. (I mixed a sheer light red with a pink gloss to create the look that I wanted).

*N.B.* If you need the look to stay put for a while, feel free to set it with your favourite setting spray.


Wow! You look even more beautiful than you did when you started reading this post. Don’t keep it hidden, go and show everyone else.

Thank you for reading and stay blessed.


Written by Makeba Hudson