Shelter launches up to date model id together with new promoting marketing campaign

Shelter's new brand identity was created by Superunion and features a red arrow formed by brush strokes. The intent is to bring back to the logo a sense of the activism that was at the core of the charity when it was founded in the 1960s, while also referencing the shape of a roof that was a central part of Shelters earlier Brand was.

"The new symbol embodies 50 years of campaigning and an attitude that never gives up," says Adrian Burton, creative partner of Superunion. "It's a symbol that people can recreate, make at home, share, and ultimately take to the streets."

The new advertising campaign was created by the advertising agency Who Wot Why and contains images of real people affected by the housing emergency projected onto buildings and apartments. It is put on a track by Wretch 32.

The film is accompanied by an impressive array of outdoor, print and online ads that feature bold text and eye-catching black and white portraits of photographer Tom Cockram.

The campaign and new identity are aimed at regaining some urgency and tackling the charity's messages highlighted under the themed "Fight for Home". "The housing emergency has reached astounding proportions, affecting the lives of one in three of us," said Willow Williams, director of marketing at Shelter. “In the meantime, the global health crisis has made the situation much worse. This situation required an urgent and unwavering campaign to inspire everyone to join Shelter in the fight for home. "

"With one in three people living in the housing emergency, it's not just about homelessness on the street. It's about people and families across the country who don't have a safe place to sleep and who move from sofa to sofa, trapped in often dangerous shelters, often food reduce to pay for their housing costs or where they live fear of displacement, ”says Sean Thompson, ECD and founder of Who Wot Why.

"We uncovered the raw truths from talking to the people who use Shelter's services and translated that into provocative OOH and a powerful track to get the message home," he continues. "The results are based on lived experience and empathy from the heart of this complex but often hidden problem."

Brand Purpose and Identity: Superunion and Ogilvy's Sustainability Practice
Advertising agency: Who Wot Why
ECD / Founder: Sean Thompson
Creative: Jack Walker, Ali Dickinson, Rebecca Conyngham-Hynes and Dan Scott
Photographer: Tom Cockram
Production company: Independent Films
Directed by Sarah Gavron, Anu Henriques